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  • Social Media Links

    Posted on : 12-11-2013 | By : Ferrell Contributor | In : News & Updates


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  • BLOGGING AND DIY – What did I get myself into?

    Posted on : 05-11-2013 | By : Ferrell Contributor | In : News & Updates

    Recently, I was asked to handle the company social media which I was finding to be somewhat daunting. Don’t get me wrong, I love the challenge and was looking forward to getting my typing hands dirty, but first I needed to figure out the many do’s and don’ts. This is new to me so like any person who needs to educate themselves on a topic, we seek the almighty Google for assistance. After a few hours of research, I felt hardly qualified but was anxious to get started. I wrote my first, albeit short blog, edited it 8 neurotic times before finally posting it. I am now officially a blogger and have learned a new skill-yeah me!

    What do I have in common with our customers and people kind enough to read this? Most of us have lived through a home improvement project whether we were daring enough to actually do the work ourselves or hired a professional. Starting a home improvement project yourself can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have the correct equipment. However, it’ll often work out a lot cheaper than hiring a professional, especially with the Home Depot promo codes and coupons found online to get all the relevant materials for cheap (See this here), and is likely much more achievable than you may think. Recently, my hubby and I started a DIY project installing laminate flooring in our master bedroom. Like 1.2 billion other people worldwide, I keep in touch with family and high school friends through Facebook so I started updating my Facebook status by informing my friends about our project and how DAY 1 turned out which incidentally wasn’t well. After DAY 2, I started to gain an audience and upon completion at an embarrassing DAY 16, my Facebook audience multiplied as had our construction ‘hiccups’ that contributed to the long drawn-out project. This all started Thanksgiving weekend where each step of the way we met with problems such as an uneven floor, constantly flipping the breaker in the electrical panel, rainy weather, a skunk (yes, a skunk), a busy home life, a suddenly neglected dog (we promised to be more attentive with our beloved Sasha when we finished) and a broken furnace. Some of these problems were worse than others. For example, the uneven floor was impractical and worrying actually. One of my friends told me that an uneven floor may be a sign of foundation problems. My friend said that it might be worth us contacting a company like Edens Structural Solutions to see if they can go into the house and check the foundations are stable before we continue the DIY project. Perhaps we’ll have to arrange that, it’s always better to have peace of mind before continuing a project like this. Whilst this isn’t ideal for us, my Facebook audience has interacted with funny comments, sympathy, and helpful hints which have made this journey less aggravating. This revealed to me the importance of maintaining good relations over social media as this can be key to growing a larger audience online. Using growth services like Nitreo (seen here – https://nitreo.com) building an audience organically on platforms like Instagram can be streamlined and can help to bring more visitors to my blog!

    Going through this process, I’ve learned a few things. One is how to capture an audience (let’s hope it works with blogging) and perhaps I’ll think twice about what home projects I take on myself (with/without hubby) and which projects I will hire a professional for. Working in the construction industry, I thought I was pretty DIY friendly (which compared to the average female-of which I am-I do tend to be fairly knowledgeable. Flooring however, is not something that Ferrell generally deals with but I do understand the basics.The instructions that came with the flooring were easy enough to follow and my (now best friend) Google and buddy YouTube have been extremely helpful. However one of my other DIY flooring projects I didn’t want to handle myself so I decided to use Cutting Edge Flooring Services to get concrete polishing Houston based. I just wanted to make sure the concrete was dealt with correctly so the finished product was the best it could possibly be.

    Throughout my years at Ferrell, I’ve had to educate many customers on the various DIY projects they’ve decided to undertake. I can tell you how to lay pavers, install a retaining wall, hang drywall and then mud, sand and paint it plus I can mix concrete and estimate how much aggregate you’ll need for your driveway or how much sand you’ll need to go under your newly purchased above-ground pool. None of these skills were in my repertoire when I first started at Ferrell 15 years ago.

    To me, there is no better way of learning than doing it yourself. Last year, as I was preparing my house to sell I needed to do a lot of minor fixes first. One of the most time consuming tasks was repairing the walls in my house. Previous owners of my home were not very particular when patching or fixing the wall surfaces and left a mess for me. I had a choice to just paint over or fix properly which I opted for the latter. This was the most grueling and lengthy project I’ve ever taken on which left me exhausted but much more educated on drywall repair. I was quite proud of my work and am now very capable of instructing other DIYers. After repairing almost all the walls in my home, I needed to finish off the bulkhead in the basement family room. This is where I knew enough to call in a professional and luckily for me, I know a number of reputable professionals through Ferrell’s Fonthill division which sells drywall and its accessories. Two half days later, the bulkhead was completed for an affordable fee and my back/neck/arms were spared the pain.

    As a woman with 2 daughters, I want to try to do things myself and teach my daughters self-sufficiency. I like to take on the challenge if I feel it is within my realm but I also know when to concede to an expert or reasonable facsimile. No matter what you do, make sure you know your limitations and know where to find help. Most of us at Ferrell have taken on a number of DIY projects and have learned from our mistakes and will do what we can to help you learn from our mistakes too! Before you decide whether you’re going to do the project yourself or hire a professional, talk to us at Ferrell Builders’ Supply and we’ll provide you with the DIY knowledge or recommend a qualified contractor. Good luck, have fun and never stop improving your mind, your skills or your home!

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