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  • Best Laid Plans VS Murphy’s Law

    Posted on : 08-01-2014 | By : Ferrell Contributor | In : News & Updates

    You know your commute to work like the back of your hand. You have the drive etched out in your brain including contingency plans for every possible train, bridge, boat, slow poke and the ever present road construction. You know which spots are no-go zones when you are running late (which NEVER happens to me-cough, choke). You’ve got the whole commute down to an art form-like knowing at which point you need to be in the right or left lane and which spot you can’t have any vehicle in front of you as you approach your right turn just in case the light turns red and you are stuck for 2-3 minutes while your co-workers are stealing your favourite parking spot. Just me? Am I the only neurotic one? Is this behaviour exclusively for those of the unorganized persuasion?

    Just because we plan on things going one way, that doesn’t mean they will. You can map out your route, your construction project or your life, but we all know things can go wrong. Contingency plans, back-up plans or Plan B-no matter what you call it-don’t always work but they certainly help, which is why numerous industry professionals visit sites like https://www.synario.com/ to put plans into place. Having a cushion to fall back on, or at least knowing there’s something to fall back on, can help business operations run more smoothly, no matter what kind of business it is. Building or renovating a house can be a frustrating experience if not planned out well but as our buddy Murphy and his inevitable list of laws warn us, things don’t always go according to plan.

    I built a house years ago, or rather I chose a subdivision and a blueprint from the builder’s selection, and then miraculously 3 months later, I moved into my brand spanking new home. I am not usually a terribly organized person (and this is where my friends and family that I force to read my blog gasp in mock shock, or perhaps do an eye roll and throw in a derogatory comment or two) but I can be the Queen of all organizers (complete with color co-ordinated cape) when I actually try. When I built my house, I wore that Organizing Queen cape proudly. At the time, I was moving from one town and (it’s important to mention here), school district to another town and school district, working two part-time jobs and babysitting a few neighborhood children all while raising two daughters with a shift worker husband. I had a lot going on to say the least. While our real estators helped by streamlining the sale of my house (if you don’t know what that entails, click this link and check it out) there was still lots to be done. I had a binder in which I kept every imaginable detail regarding the construction of my new house, the sale of the old house and since the construction was slated to be completed ten days prior to Christmas (yes-crazy, I know) I also included my Christmas lists. I was uber-organized but let me tell you, if I lost that binder, I would have had the mother of all meltdowns. You’ve got to keep everything together during a house move, no sense in just letting it go all over the place, have to make sure my home warranty is up to scratch (you can check out here for more information on that), plus making sure I’ve boxed everything in the right containers, it’s a lot to get done so close to the holidays.

    With my detailed lists of paint colors, flooring choices and brick selection, etc plus the various Christmas gifts that were purchased, wrapped, and where they were hidden plus which job I was working at and whose child I was babysitting-everything should go smoothly, right? Stop laughing people-we all know that that couldn’t possibly happen, especially when I was juggling that many balls at the same time. One of those balls was bound to drop and bounce down the stairs only to roll under the furnace.

    Aside from having to pick a new building lot a week before construction was supposed to begin because the house was too wide for the lot, the coveted island I always dreamed of having was not going to fit in the dream kitchen (until I drew a sketch, road map and diorama), the framer neglected to include head room going down the stairs because the blueprints told them not to and (here’s my favourite part) the house was delayed two weeks-meaning we’d be moving in after Christmas instead of before-the entire process wasn’t too painful, especially since we had the expertise of professionals like these new haven movers to help us when it came to delivering all of our goods to our new home. Because of them, the entirety of the process had been made slightly easier. There were so many things that could have gone wrong but we had a good builder, a temporary roof over our heads and of course, my binder and cape.

    If you are planning on building or renovating, bring your lists in to Ferrell Builders’ Supply and we’ll help you with your material selection as well as help you choose a contractor. These contractors and builders are our customers which means we sell them building materials and talk to them all the time. Several of us have hired them ourselves. Once you’ve got your contractor picked, listen to them, go over your details together and understand no matter how well you prepare yourself, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan.

    In the end I had a beautiful home that I loved and a builder that I valued. I learned a lot during the building of my home. I was grateful that I, for once in my life was organized because if I wasn’t, the problems and stress I could have encountered could have rendered me catatonic. I like to think that because of my obsessive planning, Murphy didn’t do too much damage. As I get older, I have become better at organizing my life. I write/type lists (and lists and lists), don’t sweat the small stuff and have traded my binder in for a cell phone and laptop, but I absolutely refuse to give up my cape!

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