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  • Outdoor Projects for Fall

    Posted on : 28-08-2019 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : Building Trends

    We’re coming up quickly on the fall season and most of you are probably dreading the thought of putting gardens to bed and raking leaves.

    But there’s a lot more that can be done to your outdoor space in the fall then just clean up the yard. Here are some landscaping projects that are perfect to tackle in the fall season.

    Plant New Trees, Shrubs and Perennials in the Fall

    There are many reasons why planting in the fall is an optimal time of year. A very obvious ones just coming out of the hot, dry summer months is that the weather tends to be cooler and there’s more precipitation. This tends to be better for the majority of plants that do well in our climate. As the weather continues to cool there’s also less bugs and pests that may feed on new plants.

    Tackle Outdoor Construction Projects

    Lower temperatures and shorter days with less direct sunlight make the fall the perfect time for outdoor improvements. Some projects you may want to consider are retaining walls, perfecting your patio, building that much-needed stone path, or installing a sprinkler system. Have you been thinking about building your very own deck so you can enjoy BBQs and family parties in your garden? Well, now could be a perfect time, and enlisting the help of people like these denver deck builders may be in your best interest, as they will be able to help bring your vision to life. At least try and make sure that you have everything in place should you want to do this. Planning and completing construction projects now means you may need to wait out the winter to really enjoy the fruits of your labor. But it also means you won’t be dealing with a wet spring, or hot summer making the work easier to complete.

    Lawn Care

    Fertilizing and seeding your lawn are great projects to tackle in the fall. Fertilizing allows your lawn to build up nutrients to stay healthy over the winter. Seeding in the fall is ideal because seeds will stay damp longer in the cooler weather.

    Add Outdoor Lighting

    With shorter days, adding some outdoor lighting from nightscapes.ca can extend the use of your yard and patio long after the sun has set. It’s also added safety for people walking on your property. Use decorative lights to illuminate walkways, and install floodlights or lanterns to brighten up entrance areas. If you would like outdoor lights wired into the walls, you should call an electrician to install them for you. Try clicking here for electrical services.


    Refresh the look of your home with a paint job. Whether it’s your door, furniture, patio or porch you’ll want to get this done before it’s too cold out. If you have peeling or exposed wood painting before the winter weather hits to prevent damage to wood from ice and snow. Be cautious of cold days as all paints and stains have an ideal temperature they should be used in. Using the wrong paint in colder weather could mean you’re redoing the job next spring. Fall is the perfect time to carry out all of your painting projects, particularly if you have any old furniture that needs doing. Or, you could just check out this patio furniture in myrtle beach and buy some new pieces. The choice is yours!

    Whatever project you decide to tackle, it can add a lot more fulfilling than raking leaves and cutting back shrubs does. There’s no reason to pack up your patio set just yet.

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  • Planning Your Path

    Posted on : 17-08-2019 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : Building Trends

    House with a beautiful garden on a sunny day

    Building a stone garden path can add some much-needed charm and whimsy to your backyard. It could also be the perfect feature to help brighten up the backyard patio ideas that you may have recently introduced into your yard space too. Stone paths offer a practical route for foot traffic through your garden or lawn without wearing down the vegetation. They also act as a practical form of ground cover.

    There are many different types of building stone available, and many styles of pathways. It’s important to choose one suitable for the walkway you want to create. You also want to choose stone that complements your yard and home. Consider climate, how it will be used, how it will look with existing features in your yard. A loose pebble or gravel may spill over into neighbouring flower beds or lawn. There are many factors to consider when choosing a stone.

    Denser stones (granite, bluestone or quartize) are better for colder climates where as softer stones (limestone and sandstone) are better for warmer climates. Softer stones tend to be more porous and can absorb water and crack more easily in cold climates. Before deciding on what kind of stones you would like to use for building your garden path, browse here to know more about different stone options.

    Consider the use of the path. Is this a primary walkway with high foot traffic leading to an entrance? A secondary path to a garden will prevent wear on your lawn. If you haven’t had a walkway installed yet and are noticing wear on your grass, there are sites you can go to like Lawncare.net, which will be able to help you replenish your lawn and get it looking green and bright again. Plan accordingly – high foot traffic areas will need smooth uniform stone to prevent tripping hazards. Secondary and ornamental paths can be more spaced and rustic looking.

    Know your square footage. Plan out and measure your path before you start stone shopping. This way you’ll have an accurate idea of price and store clerks will be more able to assist you.

    Know how to prep your base. If you’re doing the install yourself different types of stone will require a different base preparation. This can add to your cost and install time. Educate yourself on how you’ll need to prepare the surface for the stone and style of path you’re creating. Poor underlayers lead to movement and damage.

    A simple stone path is the perfect weekend project to enhance your backyard space. If you need help with your path you can take advantage of our new Landscape Design and Install Program, including professional design, 3D renderings and video walkthrough. It is always recommended to get a 3D landscape design if you can because it enables you to see a realistic idea of what your garden will look like! If you love it, we’ll install it! Stop by today!

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