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Archive for October, 2020

  • Installing a stone veneer backsplash

    Posted on : 28-10-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    A stone veneer can add an elegant rustic look to your space. It’s a little more time intensive than a tile backsplash but well worth the investment for the longevity and durability of the product.

    Make note of any specific manufacturer’s installation instructions prior to beginning. They may require a specific adhesive, spacing or grout instructions.


    Measure your space
    Get a proper measurement of how many square feet you’ll need to cover. Buy extra as you will waste some cutting to fit in areas.

    Be Safe
    Turn off your breaker and remove any electrical plates. You many need to at plate extenders you your electrical boxes. These can be found at any hardware store.


    Prep your space. Ensure you’re working on a smooth clean surface. Remove existing tile, wall paper and sand rough patches.


    Dry fit
    You can dry fit your stone on the floor before installing on the wall. This will save time and ensure a proper fit and spacing.  Mix the stones in the batch for even colour distribution and try to avoid harsh seams.

    Mark your wall
    Mark the first row of veneer to be installed This is especially crucial if you need to cut your first row because the countertop is not level.


    Start applying
    Apply manufacueres recommended adhesive to the back of the stone. And place your first row. Ensure that it is level. If you’re leaving space to grout use a spacer between stones otherwise place them tight to each other.

    Continue this method staggering joints as you go until you have covered the whole area. Make cut where needed by measuring and marking stones for a tight fit. If you are grouting the seams for a bricked look you will do this once all the stone is applied and set to the wall. Grout the seams using a small trowel and wipe away any excess.

    Stone veneer adds an elegant rustic look to your cooking space and is a great way to protect your kitchen walls from heat or spills.

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  • Your Fall To-Do List

    Posted on : 21-10-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    There are some essential tasks you should complete before winter hits. Here’s a checklist to help you get it all done.

    Walk the perimeter of your house and seal any foundation cracks or re-apply caulking around windows and doors where it has weathered away. This is a crucial step to protecting your home.

    Clean leaves from pathways and lawn. You can use these leaves as ground cover to protect the soil in garden beds over winter if you’d like.

    Put bulbs in the ground now for colourful spring flowers. Seed any grass now before it gets too cold as well as the layer of grass will help protect the soil.

    Clean gutters
    Clean out gutters and downspouts to prevent blockages and ice build up during the winter months.

    Store outdoor furniture, hoses, planters, rain barrels and tools for the winter. Give them all a good clean so they’re ready for use in the spring.

    Cover any items that should be protected from snow and ice. AC units, outdoor grills, water fixtures etc.

    Test all safety alarms, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure they’re in proper working order.

    Test your furnace, clean or replace your filters. Consider having someone come in for a regular maintenance.

    Check all windows and doors, Make sure they are sealed correctly. Make repairs where needed. Caulk any seams or gaps on the interior. Winterize or replace older windows now.

    Be prepared
    Don’t get left unprepared. Make sure you have salt for driveways and pathways. Find your shovels now and test your snowblower.

    Taking these steps now will help secure your investment and keep your home safe, dry and comfortable.

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