Adex Stucco – Elasticoat Fine Finish

Category: Architectural Systems Stucco

Supplier: Masonry Technology Incorporated

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Product Overview

Adex ELASTICOAT finish coat is an elastomeric trowel-applied, factory-mixed architectural wall coating available in 300 standard colors as well as custom colors (upon request).

Provides a fine pebbled, very flexible finish. Creates a more durable, color consistent, and water repellent surface versus standard cementitious stucco finishes.

ELASTICOAT finish coat provides a textured, colored surface for interior/exterior applications where enhanced bridging of hairline cracks is required (such as, over a stucco basecoat)

Finishes are characterized by the richness of textures offered. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or classic look, these textures will meet all your design and style ambitions.

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