Ardex ERM Exterior Ramp Mortar

Category: Restoration

Supplier: Ardex

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Product Overview

ARDEX ERM Exterior Ramp Mortar is a trowel-grade, polymer-modified, Portland cement-based structural repair mortar. It is used at depths ranging from 1/4" to 2" (6mm to 5 cm) neat, and can be extended up to 8" (20 cm) for deeper and full depth repairs of deteriorated exterior and interior concrete above, on or below grade. ARDEX ERM has a corrosion inhibitor built-in to protect reinforcing steel, is easy to apply and readily bonds to concrete. The resulting patch has low shrinkage and resists delamination, producing a surface suitable for commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential traffic. Typical applications include sidewalks, plazas, walkways, driveways, parking garages and balconies.

  • Portland cement-based, polymer modified structural repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor
  • Mixes with water only
  • Easy to apply
  • Installs from 1/4" to 2" (6 mm to 5 cm) neat, and can be extended up to 8"(20 cm) for deeper applications
  • Freeze-thaw resistant
  • Suitable for normal service commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential applications
  • Use for exterior and interior concrete repair
  • Holds shape for ramping and balconies

    Product Specifications

    • Weight 55lb bag.

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