Ardex OVP Overhead and Vertical Patch

Category: Restoration

Supplier: Ardex

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Product Overview

ARDEX OVP is a trowelable finishing compound used for tilt-up walls, pre-cast or poured in place concrete panels, and other concrete or masonry surfaces. When mixed with water, it renders a creamy, smooth consistency ideal for filling in surface defects such as spalls, gouges, cracks, dents, chips, bug holes or honeycombs any type, size or shape of surface defect that needs to be filled and smoothed before coating.
ARDEX OVP has a long pot life, making it ideal for large jobs, yet it hardens quickly and dries fast without shrinking, cracking or spalling. It is tougher and more durable than traditional gypsum and latex patches, and because it dries internally, it can be sealed or painted as soon as the
surface is hard.

  • Use for filling and smoothing interior and exterior overhead and vertical concrete or masonry surfaces prior to sealing or painting
  • Portland cement-based
  • Deep fill and skim coat
  • High yield
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Long pot life for large jobs
  • Non-shrinking
  • Sandable

    Product Specifications

    • Weight 20lb bag.

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