8 Ideas to Spruce up your Patio

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


A well-designed patio can be a relaxing cozy retreat or sprawling space for entertaining. Build your patio to suit your lifestyle and your needs. Do you prefer entertaining or cozying up with a book surrounded by nature. Don’t settle for a simple rectangle with a table when you can make something wonderful.

Whatever your dream patio is, we have some ideas to inspire you!

1. Turn down the heat and turn up the style with a pergola. Pergolas offer a bit of respite from the hot sun wile creating a beautiful space for seating to gather under. They also still let in plenty of natural light.

2. Keep warm on cold nights with a fire pit or fireplace. Fire pits create the perfect focal point to gather around and create memories.

3. Blend your ground coverings. Have a variety of natural stones to create depth and interest in your landscape. With so many varieties of stone available you can mix a few different types of pavers, rock or flagstone in space that all compliment each other.

4. Gravel, stone, pebble and river rock can make a beautiful patio or relaxing outdoor space by just using loose fill and a border. Putting down a weed blocker first makes maintenance a breeze.

5. Build a secondary patio to take advantage of your natural landscape. Most patios are right off the house but adding a cozy seating area under a tree, next to a pond or by your favourite bushes can create a much needed reatrate from the hustle and bustle of life.

6. Add some lighting and watch your enjoyment and time spent outdoors soar. Don’t let your enjoyment of the outdoors get cut short by a setting sun. Investing in some outdoor lighting can pay off for years to come.

7. Consider create a private space out of view from your neighbours. Building a wooden privacy screen or a living wall of plants will create a cozy space for you and your guests.

8. Plants and patios go hand in hand. The right plants can turn a ho-hum patio into a nice one and a nice patio into an awesome one.

The backyard of your dreams can be a reality and we can help make it happen!

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