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  • Garden Trends for 2021

    Posted on : 04-05-2021 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Planning some work in the backyard? Here’s some of the latest trends you can implement to improve your outdoor space and garden beds. 


    Implement sustainable practices in your backyard. We all need to be responsible for the choices we make for our planet. Choosing methods to reduce water use like water barrels or mulching which helps keep moisture in the ground. Utilize organic methods for fertilizing and pest control has the benefit of making your space safer for animals and small children. Planting more trees will beautify your space, add privacy and reduce C02 emissions. 


    Growing Food

    The majority of adult homeowners now grow some sort of food for themselves. Homegardens are a growing trend and can be an attractive feature to your space and also something beautiful. Raised beds with herbs not only look and smell wonderful but add some flare to your cooking. 



    Learning & Buying Online

    People are home more in our current world. That means DIY videos, home projects and finding hobbies. Improving your backyard space is not immune to this trend. Find a small project you can tackle and create something beautiful. There’s many DIY tutorials you can find on our blog to get you started. 


    Reducing the lawn

    Large lawns are great for kids to run around on. But once they’re older and moved out they just become extra work. Build something with that space and reduce the workload. Garden beds, hardscape patios or a seating area with permeable pea gravel. The possibilities are endless. 

    A safer place to socialize

    In our current world creating a safe outdoor space to socialize is an essential need. It allows you to enjoy the company of the ones you care about while safely and comfortably making responsible choices. 

    Prioritizing Outdoor lighting and heating

    Adding lighting and heating to your outdoor space extends the use of it longer into the evenings and into the colder fall season. Firepits and outdoor fireplaces create a space to invite friends and family to gather around.

    Whatever your plans are for your outdoor space, Ferrell Builders’ Supply has the expert knowledge and supplies to help you get the job done. 


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  • Enjoy the warmth outdoors

    Posted on : 09-04-2021 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Extend your summer season and those cold nights with a beautiful and durable Firerock outdoor fireplace. Firerock produces a full line of stylish outdoor fireplace solutions in both round and square designs. The Emberlok line of outdoor products are beautiful and will instantly add a centerpiece to your backyard. 


    Firerock products are pre-engineered for strength and a perfect draw. Easy to use and virtually maintenance free these traditional fireplaces extend our precious summer season. 


    Unlike many other amenities it will increase the value of your property well beyond your initial investment, an investment that you can enjoy. All FireRock and Emberlok products, being modular, easily lend themselves to customization


    Nothing enhances your outdoor living space more than the natural beauty of a FireRock Fireplace.


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  • Time for Spring Clean Up

    Posted on : 30-03-2021 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates


    The winter months can wreak havoc on our yards. On top  of that there’s many things we put away, cover up or just ignore in the winter. Here’s a handy list to get your yard ready heading into spring.

    Clean up the obvious
    Once the snow leaves there’s going to be some litter and waste that may have blown in during a storm. If you have a dog you may also have some other clean up to do that was hidden under the snow. 


    Rake your lawn
    You’ll want to break out your rake and give you lawn a pass. Get any dead leaves, twigs, and pinecones off the lawn to help keep your lawn nice and healthy going into the spring.


    Clean up garden beds
    Remove any dead leaves or stalks from perennials and plants. You can also add some plant fertilizer to the soil once the frost is gone to help established plants. 


    Inspect you trees and shrubs
    You’ll want to walk around your property and inspect trees and shrubs for any broken or damaged limbs. Removing these now will prevent them from falling in the spring or summer unexpectedly. 

    Organize your tools
    You may have stowed some items in the winter. Get them ready for use and make sure they’re in good working order.

    Take out your garden hose, patio furniture and anything else you had stashed in the shed or garage for winter. Uncover your AC and unwrap any shrubs/perennials you had protected from the snow and ice.

    Walk your lawn
    Look for damaged spots to fill with fresh soil and seed once it’s warm enough.

    Make a plan
    What’s your plan for your yard this spring and summer? You now have a whole new living space. Make the most of it. Create a new seating area, a fire pit, the options are endless.

    Whatever plans you have for your backyard space, we have solutions. Visit your local Ferrell Builders Supply location today to discuss your plan with one of our helpful landscape experts. 

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  • Why Choose Stone Veneer for you accent wall

    Posted on : 09-03-2021 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Transform your wall into a focal point with stone veneer. Using stone veneer will give you the look of a traditional stone accent wall but at the fraction of the work. For DIYers this can be accomplished in about a weekend for the average project.

    Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of a stone veneer.

    Long Lasting


    Not only is stone one of the most durable products you can choose but the look of it is also timeless.

    Installation Ease

    Thin stone veneer is lighter weight and easier to install that other natural stone options. Most applications install with thinset over cement board.


    Stone is  a natural product that gives your space a sense of permanence and history, and a connection to the natural world.


    There is a wide variety of thin stone veneer products that fit any budget. Browse hundreds of styles and colour options to achieve the look you want for your space.

    Stone accent walls create more than just a focal point.  They add warmth, depth, dimension, and design as well. Stop by one of our locations to discuss your many options.

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  • Custom steel services

    Posted on : 01-03-2021 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Our steel division is here to provide you with everything you need to get your job started and finished on time and on budget.

    Our Hamilton yard carries a full line of steel beams, angle irons, reinforcement bars, steel posts and accessories. All customized for your job.

    Our I beams are available in various sizes and thickness. We provide on site welding for posts and beams – available next day. Additionally, we’re also Southern Ontario’s largest supplier of steel reinforcement bars. Next Day Service on any size job.

    Our hollow metal shop can customize your Commercial slab doors in a reasonable time.

    We stock a complete line of steel studs and tracks. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, contractors appreciate the superior stud to track fit. Non-combustible Steel Studs and Tracks have been used in many fire tested wall assemblies to achieve ratings up to 2 hours. Consult UL and ULC fire resistance directories for specific time rated assemblies.

    Our steel fabricating yard is proud to cut, weld and fabricate structural steel beams, angles, jack posts, for job sites across Southern Ontario.

    Whatever your job needs. Our many locations and divisions are here to help.

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  • DIY Winter Home Projects

    Posted on : 03-02-2021 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    DIY and renovation projects tend to slow over the winter months. This doesn’t have to be the though. Take your projects inside. Here are some suggestions for what you can do during the cold months:

    Make your home less cold

    Upgrading insulation isn’t a stylish upgrade but  will greatly increase your comfort over the cold months ahead. It will also have the added bonus of cutting your energy cost. 


    Add stylish backsplash 


    Upgrade your kitchen with a new backsplash that will completely transform the look of your space. These is a fairly easy DIY weekend project. You can use a thin a stone veneer product to create a rustic elegant look. 


    Organize your cluttered spaces 


    Closet organizers, shelves and built-in storage solutions are great winter projects. Decluttering and organizing your life is a  project that will greatly improve your day-to-day life. 


    Replace doors and hardware


    Many older homes have a mishmash of doors and hardware from decades of slow upgrades and doors tend to take a lot of abuse over the years. Having a consistent style of hardware and doors throughout your home will immediately modernize the look of your home.


    Upgrade the heart of your home


    Your fireplace is a gathering place for your family during cold nights. Give it a little love. You can reface your fireplace with a stylish thin stone veneer. This cuts down on your labour and gives you the timeless look of natural stone. 


    Refresh your walls


    Patch any damaged drywall, repaint and upgrade trim. Adding some new colour in your life will raise your spirits through the dreary winter months. 


    Replace your countertops 


    Replacing the countertops can make a huge impact on your kitchen’s appearance, and the job doesn’t require a lot of trips back and forth outside so it’s an ideal cold-weather upgrade. 


    There are so many home projects you can accomplish, even if the weather is cold and foul. Stop by your nearest Ferrell Builders’ Supply to speak with our in-store experts to get your home project started on the right track.

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  • A proud supplier of Dorex Products

    Posted on : 29-01-2021 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Our Hardware division is a proud supplier of Dorex Products to complete and secure your building projects. Door hardware can be an overlooked area of design but is often the very first thing that someone will interact with. 

    Dorex Hardware offers a complete range of high quality, residential and commercial grade door hardware and accessories. Dorex products are trusted by door hardware specialists from coast to coast; who demand great design, precision action and unbeatable lasting performance.This is why Ferrell Builders’ Supply is happy to carry their full residential and commercial line.


    You can contact our hardware division to discuss getting everything you need. Leversets, knobs, deadbolts, door closers, exit devices, hinges and much more. Be sure to ask our in-store specialist about Dorex’s beautiful residential collections and the Dorex finish chart will help achieve the desired look you want in your home. 


    Dorex produces affordable, dependable door hardware to ensure that your projects will be completed on time, on budget and to the highest standard.

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  • Invite Santa Clause into your home in style

    Posted on : 24-12-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Invite Santa Clause into your home in style next year. We offer stylish Firerock Fireplaces that last longer than a metal box insert and look stunning. The old jolly fellow will be impressed and you won’t need to go on the naughty list for breaking the bank as these fireplaces cost less than a traditional brick and mortar one. The precision engineering on them will allow for smooth travel up and down the chimney as well.

    You can hang your stockings with care from one of our many natural stone mantel options. We can custom cut to size and our helpful staff at anyone of our locations across Southern Ontario will be happy to help you.

    Twinkling light bouncing

    off the stylish Veneer front from one of many suppliers like Eldorado Stone, Earth Coverings, Masonal Stone or Robinson Brick will be sure to impress. The quick lightweight install of these products will leave more time for you to concentrate on what really matters. Family and friends.

    And don’t forget a beautiful stone hearth as your family gathers around the warmth of a beautiful fireplace Christmas morning they’ll be sparkling footprints left from Old St. Nick.

    From all of us at Ferrell Building Supplies we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas

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  • Keep yourself and your driveway safe

    Posted on : 21-12-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Winter is coming which means slippery roads and icy conditions. Your driveways and pathways around your home are not immune to these conditions. You’ll need to be prepared.

    That’s why we supply salt and ice melters to keep you and your loved one’s safe from falls and spills throughout the winter months. The rest of the year we help beautify those areas but we understand how dangerous they can be in winter months especially for people with low mobility.

    You do need to take some care as some salt and ice melters aren’t good for some surfaces and plants. Most ice melters are a combination of the same ingredients: sodium chloride, calcium chloride, or magnesium chloride. Or more commonly known as salt.

    Salt and ice melters can damage plants, grasses and concrete when used too generously. They can also be harmful to the paws of animals.

    So when applying Always use a gentle hand when applying any type of ice melt to concrete. Lay down a thin layer before a storm, then another light layer during the storm.

    Excessive salt in the ground can harm a plant’s ability to soak up necessary nutrients. You’ll want to avoid getting too much salt into garden beds or on the lawn.


    Once the ice thaws you’ll also want to shovel away any excess salt in your driveway and dispose of it.

    You can also mix your salt or ice melter with an abrasive like sand to soften their effect on the environment.

    A little bit of extra care can keep you safe and your landscaping. If you need help selecting the right ice melter or salt for your home or business contact one of our in-store experts.

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  • Fireplaces add value

    Posted on : 24-11-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Fireplaces add some obvious benefits to your home. They add warmth and charm to any space. They create a gathering space within your home for your family and loved ones. They can be a beautiful architectural addition to any space.

    Beyond that they add value. Surveys have shown that 46% of home buyers would pay more for a home with at least one fireplace. Wood and gas fireplaces tend to add more value to a home while electric ones add minimal value. Beyond that it’s estimated that the value of your home could be between $1,220 and $12,000 in some locations. Fireplaces in colder regions like ours are much more desirable.


    If you’re looking at starting a fireplace renovation, adding one to a new home build or just sprucing up your existing one talk to one of our in-store experts. We sell a full line of stone and stone veneer to surface your fireplace with as well as stone mantels.

    We also stock Firerock stone fireplaces which cost far less than traditional brick & mortar, and is precision engineered to draw properly. They install in less than a day compared to traditional brick and mortar options.


    If you’re looking at adding some warmth to your space with a fireplace. We can help.

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  • Adding Insulation Is the Perfect DIY Heading Into Winter

    Posted on : 24-11-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Canadian winters are magical but also cold and long. With the long cold nights headed our way and outdoor projects wrapping up now is the perfect time to tackle something that will not only increase your comfort over winter but save money. When it comes to energy-efficient renovations, an often overlooked home upgrade is insulation. 

    Insulation is not stylish or attractive but adds a level of comfort. Generally heating your home accounts for 50% of energy expenses in Canada. So maintaining that heat in your home is crucial.

    Your basement or crawl space is a prime source of heat loss that is often overlooked. Basements can account for 20 – 30% of your house’s energy loss.

    Blown-in insulation in your attic is another fix that is passed over for luxury or designer upgrades to your house but can be one of the best investments you make. Not only does it prevent heat loss, lower chance of ice dams in your gutters, but you’ll just be more comfortable in your home. 

    If you’re considering upgrading your insulation talk to one of our in-store experts. 

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  • Installing a stone veneer backsplash

    Posted on : 28-10-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    A stone veneer can add an elegant rustic look to your space. It’s a little more time intensive than a tile backsplash but well worth the investment for the longevity and durability of the product.

    Make note of any specific manufacturer’s installation instructions prior to beginning. They may require a specific adhesive, spacing or grout instructions.


    Measure your space
    Get a proper measurement of how many square feet you’ll need to cover. Buy extra as you will waste some cutting to fit in areas.

    Be Safe
    Turn off your breaker and remove any electrical plates. You many need to at plate extenders you your electrical boxes. These can be found at any hardware store.


    Prep your space. Ensure you’re working on a smooth clean surface. Remove existing tile, wall paper and sand rough patches.


    Dry fit
    You can dry fit your stone on the floor before installing on the wall. This will save time and ensure a proper fit and spacing.  Mix the stones in the batch for even colour distribution and try to avoid harsh seams.

    Mark your wall
    Mark the first row of veneer to be installed This is especially crucial if you need to cut your first row because the countertop is not level.


    Start applying
    Apply manufacueres recommended adhesive to the back of the stone. And place your first row. Ensure that it is level. If you’re leaving space to grout use a spacer between stones otherwise place them tight to each other.

    Continue this method staggering joints as you go until you have covered the whole area. Make cut where needed by measuring and marking stones for a tight fit. If you are grouting the seams for a bricked look you will do this once all the stone is applied and set to the wall. Grout the seams using a small trowel and wipe away any excess.

    Stone veneer adds an elegant rustic look to your cooking space and is a great way to protect your kitchen walls from heat or spills.

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  • Your Fall To-Do List

    Posted on : 21-10-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    There are some essential tasks you should complete before winter hits. Here’s a checklist to help you get it all done.

    Walk the perimeter of your house and seal any foundation cracks or re-apply caulking around windows and doors where it has weathered away. This is a crucial step to protecting your home.

    Clean leaves from pathways and lawn. You can use these leaves as ground cover to protect the soil in garden beds over winter if you’d like.

    Put bulbs in the ground now for colourful spring flowers. Seed any grass now before it gets too cold as well as the layer of grass will help protect the soil.

    Clean gutters
    Clean out gutters and downspouts to prevent blockages and ice build up during the winter months.

    Store outdoor furniture, hoses, planters, rain barrels and tools for the winter. Give them all a good clean so they’re ready for use in the spring.

    Cover any items that should be protected from snow and ice. AC units, outdoor grills, water fixtures etc.

    Test all safety alarms, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure they’re in proper working order.

    Test your furnace, clean or replace your filters. Consider having someone come in for a regular maintenance.

    Check all windows and doors, Make sure they are sealed correctly. Make repairs where needed. Caulk any seams or gaps on the interior. Winterize or replace older windows now.

    Be prepared
    Don’t get left unprepared. Make sure you have salt for driveways and pathways. Find your shovels now and test your snowblower.

    Taking these steps now will help secure your investment and keep your home safe, dry and comfortable.

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  • Mulch one more time before winter

    Posted on : 30-09-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : Building Trends

    Adding an extra layer of mulch before frosts penetrate the ground can be one of the most beneficial decisions you can make for your garden. In spring and summer  we use mulch to retain moisture in the soil, keep the weeds at bay and add a beautiful, consistent texture to our landscaping.

    In the winter, mulch acts as a protector from the freeze thaw cycle and protects vulnerable roots.

    Plants enter a dormant mode during winter months. This helps protect them from frosts. However, the winter sun is intense and can heat up the first few inches of soil by mid-day.  New plants put in the ground in fall and plants with shallow roots are especially vulnerable to this.

    You might have seen early blooms from plants. This is why. They’ll begin to exit their dormant mode expending energy making new growth.  This can damage plants and even cause them to die in spring.

    One last layer of mulch in the fall will keep the ground from warming too much under the winter sun. Shallow roots will be protected and your garden will be healthier come spring.

    Contact your local Ferrell Builders Supply to discuss mulch options for your garden this fall.

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  • 3 DIY stone veneer projects for your home

    Posted on : 23-09-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Think of updating the look of your home? Stone veneer offers an elegant solution to transforming outdated areas of the interior of your house. Stone veneer is a versatile, durable product that can be used in many ways. Here’s a few DYI ideas you can tackle yourself to modernize the look of your home.


    Fireplaces in home are a luxury we all love. Just like the rest of your house they can sometimes use a little TLC. Bring your house up-to-date and modernize the look of your fireplace. Stone veneer offers the look of traditional stone still but can completely transofrom your space. Resurfacing your fireplace with veneer is a


    A new backsplash can instantly transform the look of a kitchen instantly and since it is rarely more than 30 square feet in size, it’s also the perfect DIY project for any homeowner. To make the installation easier, consider finding a stone that can easily fill the typical 18-inches of space without multiple cuts.

    Accent Wall


    Add a focal point to any room with a stone veneer feature wall.  Stone is a versatile product with many looks and styles. You can easily achieve the updated look you want for any room and create an attractive modern look that will be the envy of all your guests.


    Stone veneer is a durable low maintenance product that is lighter weight than bricks or other natural stones and easier to handle and install. The lighter weight stones can be installed on any structurally sound wall, including interior walls. The cut stones are equally as durable, water resistant, and diverse in color and texture as the stones from which they are cut. Your options to upgrade your home with this beautiful product are endless.

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  • Build your inspiration board

    Posted on : 31-08-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Have an idea of what you want to do in your backyard but you’re not quite there yet? Visit our Pinterest account to build an inspiration board for your latest professional or DIY project. Many of our thousands of products have been pinned on our account.

    You can mix and match textures, styles and colours. Add photos to your own board of your existing backyard or outdoor features. Create pleasing combinations and styles. You’ll also find DYI’s for many of the projects you may want to undertake in your backyard.

    When you have an inspired board of natural stone, ground coverings, landscape material and patio slabs show it to one of our helpful in-store experts. They’ll be happy to guide you through the final selection process and finalize your outdoor plans.

    We’re here to help make your backyard dreams come true.

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  • James Hardie Siding – Protect your home in style

    Posted on : 21-08-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Hardie board siding is a cement board siding for your home. It’s been around forever and is one of the most durable and siding solutions to your home. These fiber cement products combine beautiful design with high performance.

    Unlike other siding materials James Hardie products are engineered to withstand damage from moisture and rot, and withstand the elements such as rain, sleet, or snow.

    This siding is fabricated from 90% sand and cement which makes it fire-resistant. The cement construction also makes it far less susceptible to insects and pests you’d normally have issues with in common siding products.

    Hardie board siding can be customized to look like any other siding material, including wood lap boards, cedar shingles, and wood shake siding. Your choice of colour is nearly unlimited. This allows you to get the desired look you want while still having a highly durable product.

    For longevity, durability and a stylish look this product is unmatched by any other siding product.

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  • Patio Paver Tips

    Posted on : 27-07-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    Looking to build that perfect summer patio? Here are some tips often overlooked when installing pavers.

    Call before you dig


    Call your local utilities before you dig. You don’t want to break any lines. Most products you will need to excavate 8” to 12” to create a level base.


    Start from the bottom

    Find out what you should do to prepare a level base for installation. Every manufacturer has a recommendation for how to best install their stones.  A level bedding layer is critical to all patio stone/slab installation.

    Use an edge

    Installing edging along your patio is a crucial part of the stability and longevity of your patio.

    Allow for drainage


    You’ll need to have a gentle pitch to drain water away from your patio or your home.

    Keep the extra

    Pavers are incredibly resilient and low maintenance but something may happen in the future and you may need to replace one. Keep extra concrete pavers from your project’s installation on hand to replace damaged pieces when spot treatment becomes necessary.

    If you have more questions about installing pavers talk to one of our in-store experts.

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  • Hardscape vs Wood

    Posted on : 20-07-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    If you’re looking to expand your outdoor entertaining and relaxing space this season the two common ways to go. A raised wooden deck or a hardscape patio. Both offer a relaxing enjoyable space but there advantages and drawbacks to both.

    Wood allows you to have the classic backyard deck. It offers almost limitless design possibilities. They will need to be raised above ground level. Another consideration is the maintenance of a wooden deck. Wood is a porous material and will degrade over time from the elements and can provide a suitable home for a number of insects. Wood decks require regular staining to maintain longevity.

    Hardscape patios are often flush with ground level. They can be made from poured concrete or pavers. Utilizing pavers or stones you can create intricate patterns that bring your patio to life. Modern concrete offerings come in a variety of styles, textures and finishes so the completed project can look like anything from granite to marble or even wood. A properly installed  patio will last for decades without any significant maintenance. There is no need to seal/reseal or restain concrete slabs or pavers, and the seams between these blocks will help protect your patio from cracking as a result of the ground settling or extreme weather.

    Cost varies between the two choices because of the wide range of different materials you can choose from. Make your choice based on what best fits your space. It may be a combination of the two.

    If you need more information or help designing your patio contact one of our in-store associates.

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  • Ground Coverings

    Posted on : 22-06-2020 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

    There are a lot of different ground coverings you can use along paths, in garden beds besides your standard mulch. Let’s have a look at a few and see if you get some ideas for your space.

    Red Cedar Bark Mulches

    CEDAR BARK MULCHES have all the benefits of cedar mulch, plus come in a vibrant red colour or a golden colour which accents the natural golden colour of cedar and retains its appearance for a longer period of time.

    Shredded Pine Mulch

    SHREDDED PINE MULCH – reddish brown in colour with a minimal amount of wood fiber, having a pine fresh fragrant aroma that contributes toward making this our most popular ground cover mulch.

    Pea Gravel

    Pea gravel are round, small and smooth compared to regular gravel. These small stones are great because they don’t decompose like lots of mulches but they can be difficult to contain without an edge on the garden bed you’re putting them in.


    Pumice Rock

    Also known as lava or volcanic rock. This is a great substitute for common mulches because it retains water and aids with extra aeration to the soil, prevents fungi and mold from growing, and is an unsuitable living environment for insects. This rock can retain a lot of heat and damage some plants in hot environments.

    Beach Pebbles

    Landscaping stone 1 inch to 3 inch size pebbles. Rock is large, smooth, rounded stone used primarily for decorative applications around ponds and landscape areas.

    Enviro Stone

    EnviroSTONE blends a scientifically designed crushed stone with the plant-based glue to stabilize larger joints of flagstone and paving stone applications.  When installed as per the guidelines set out by Envirobond, joint sand loss due to wind and rainfall erosion is substantially reduced while nuisance weeds and ant infestations are effectively controlled.


    Rubber Mulch

    Rubber mulch is made almost entirely from recycled tires. It is excellent for retaining moisture in the soil but there are concerns that chemicals could leak in the soil and they aren’t great for wildlife due to the fact that they are made from recycled tires.



    Using a leaf mulcher on your raked, fallen leaves is one of the most economical ways to promote healthy plant growth. They aren’t as attractive as most other mulches and infected leaves can transfer fungus to other healthy plants. But they do still make an excellent natural mulch.


    Hay or Straw

    This will provide a natural rustic look. Like most of the other natural alternatives, it works well to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and release nutrients into the soil. It needs to be replaced regularly as it decomposes quickly.

    Artificial Grass

    Imagine the most perfectly manicured, lush, solid green lawn. Made of 100% recyclable material, this strong, long lasting, polyethylene grass will provide years of enjoyment.

    Selecting the right ground covering is crucial to your landscaping. If you need any assistance one of our in-store associates will be happy to help you. Feel free to browse our ground coverings on our website.

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