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All I want for Christmas is a home renovation

Posted on : 18-12-2019 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : Building Trends, News & Updates

Christmas Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching and yes even Ferrell Builders’ supply has you covered. Now, we aren’t suggesting you stock up on stone to wrap up for everyone on your naughty list but we do have some excellent options for you. So if you’re scrambling for the perfect gift for that loved one here are some options…

Give the gift of landscaping

Sure it’s winter but that doesn’t mean our landscape design team has packed it in for the year. Our Landscape Design and Install Program, including professional design, 3D renderings and video walkthrough is the perfect gift for someone that wants to spruce up their outdoor space. You might want to sort out a dumpster rental for this gift, to make sure the waste and debris that might come out of it can be removed and dealt with!

Expert tools

From drywall to masonry, landscape and other specialty tools. We have your handyman’s gift covered.

Custom engraved stones

A custom address stone, company logo or almost any custom design can be engraved into stone by our stone engraving department.

Granite Countertops

Who wouldn’t want natural stone granite countertops for their kitchen? They’re solid, durable and beautiful. Or, if you are buying for someone who is a fan of all things luxury, why not consider marble countertop installation?
Anyone would be happy to have this feature gifted to them.

We have many renovation ideas if you’re looking to spruce things up for the holidays! Although, it is important to remember that some renovation ideas that need completing in and around your house may need the expertise of professionals, like plumbers for example. This is particularly important if you are making changes to your kitchen and bathroom, where there is a lot of appliances. With that being said, you may want to take a look at this guide from somewhere like Sharp Plumbing (sharpplumbing.com/6-methods-for-finding-your-expert-plumber/) so you can be sure to find the best plumbers for your renovation project. You’ll be glad that you did.

Also, don’t forget to stock up on salt at one of our locations so guests at your holiday parties don’t slip and fall!

Happy Holidays!

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