Build your own stone fire pit

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


An outdoor fire pit can extend the use of your outdoor space into cold evenings providing a beautiful spot to gather and keep warm. If you wanted to go one step further, you may want to check out a gas fire pit kit for your outdoor space for a fire pit that’s easy to ignite and enjoy straight away.

Plan your design

Always start with a plan. Are you making a round, or square pit? Is it raised or sunken? Make a quick plan so you know how much material you will need. Plan how your seating will work with your firepit and where it will be placed. All these factors will determine how much material you need.

Purchase your stone and supplies

Stop by your nearest Ferrell Builders’ Supply with your plan and we’ll outfit you with all the materials you need. Have measurements so we can help determine your needs.

You’ll likely need (depending on your plan):

Fire brick
Black stove paint

Prepare your base

Excavate where you’re putting your firepit and compact the soil. Plan to be 1.5″ to 2″ below grade. Mark your exterior and interior walls with your desired size.

Using pre-mixed concrete pour footings for the stone/brick walls. Cover the area between the interior and exterior wall marks you made. Leave the interior circle (pit) free of concrete for drainage. Level the concrete 1-1/2 inches below grade.Submerge 2′ (depending on size of pit) pieces of rebar into the wet cement at various points around the footer for strength. Allow to dry completely. Over time, the concrete may crumble and crack, but this isn’t something you should worry about. If you do notice this happening, contact a concrete repair denver company to come and repair the damage.

Lay the first course of fire brick

You’ll be laying a row of face stone on the exterior of the wall and a row of firebrick on the interior. Lay your exterior row of stone first then trowel mortar along the inside wall of the stone and lay your firebrick. Remove excess mortar and level as you go until the first row is complete.

Build the Walls

Place a bead of mortar along the top of the stone and firebrick. Lay the exterior stone first like previous step and continue to mortar the interior wall. Fill in irregular gaps between the firebrick and face stone(if any) with scrap stone. Lay your next row. Alternate rows of firebrick and face stone staggering joints for strength until you reach desired height.

Lay Cap Stone

Place a layer of mortar on the top of the wall and begin placing the cap stones leveling as you go. Fill joints between capstones with mortar. Remove excess mortar and smooth joints when complete.


Once all the mortar is dry spray the interior wall of the pit with black stove paint.

Now you’re ready to move onto the seating (visit for some great ideas) and enjoying a beautiful new focal point in your outdoor space.

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