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Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Make a new addition to your backyard. An outdoor fireplace will enhance your outdoor living space, increase your home’s value, and most of all, provide hours of enjoyment for your family and friends. Making the wise decision to go with a Buschbeck fireplace means you’re also adding a new outdoor grilling space to your backyard.

The Buschbeck outdoor fireplace will become the centre of your outdoor living area and can be adapted to your requirements. There is a  large range of grilling and cooking accessories that make cooking a dream. Once you’re finished cooking, remove the grill, stoke the fire and enjoy the efficient and high output heat from the double-walled fireplace long into the evening. 
This is a  multi-functional fireplace and BBQ designed and manufactured in Germany. Built from Quartzite concrete with a real copper insert in the plinth, this beautiful fireplace will last a lifetime. The double-walled firebox construction means you can use charcoal or wood as fuel and is cool to the touch.

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