DIY Winter Home Projects

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


DIY and renovation projects tend to slow over the winter months. This doesn’t have to be the though. Take your projects inside. Here are some suggestions for what you can do during the cold months:

Make your home less cold

Upgrading insulation isn’t a stylish upgrade but  will greatly increase your comfort over the cold months ahead. It will also have the added bonus of cutting your energy cost. 

Add stylish backsplash 

Upgrade your kitchen with a new backsplash that will completely transform the look of your space. These is a fairly easy DIY weekend project. You can use a thin a stone veneer product to create a rustic elegant look. 

Organize your cluttered spaces 

Closet organizers, shelves and built-in storage solutions are great winter projects. Decluttering and organizing your life is a  project that will greatly improve your day-to-day life. 

Replace doors and hardware

Many older homes have a mishmash of doors and hardware from decades of slow upgrades and doors tend to take a lot of abuse over the years. Having a consistent style of hardware and doors throughout your home will immediately modernize the look of your home.

Upgrade the heart of your home

Your fireplace is a gathering place for your family during cold nights. Give it a little love. You can reface your fireplace with a stylish thin stone veneer. This cuts down on your labour and gives you the timeless look of natural stone. 

Refresh your walls

Patch any damaged drywall, repaint and upgrade trim. Adding some new colour in your life will raise your spirits through the dreary winter months. 

Replace your countertops 

Replacing the countertops can make a huge impact on your kitchen’s appearance, and the job doesn’t require a lot of trips back and forth outside so it’s an ideal cold-weather upgrade. 

There are so many home projects you can accomplish, even if the weather is cold and foul. Stop by your nearest Ferrell Builders’ Supply to speak with our in-store experts to get your home project started on the right track.

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