End of Summer Checklist

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Before the sun sets on another summer there’s some items around your home and yard that need your attention. We’ve put together a handy end of summer checklist. Some tasks you’ll want to cross off before the cold weather sets in and makes it more difficult or impossible to complete them. 

Inspect shingles and gutters

Inspect your roof in summer to ensure that you’ll have plenty of time to schedule repairs before the tough winter weather returns. Clean out any debris in your gutters that has collected from storms and make any necessary repairs. Any damage left unattended will just worsen once the frost sets in. 

Seal driveway and repair walkways 

Whether your walkways and hard surfaces  are concrete, pavers, or stepping-stones, take some time to rehab and repair them while it’s still summer when you have several days of good weather. Any asphalt surfaces will last longer by applying a good sealer. A clear forecast is essential for this. Ignoring repairs can lead to uneven slippery surfaces in the winter.

Power Washing 

Walkways, patios, decks all need to be maintained and cleaned.  Power washing is a job that’s best tackled in warmer weather, so it’s a perfect summer project. Keeping this surfaces clean will improve longevity.

Paint and seal

Any wood surfaces such as decks, shutters and fences need regular maintenance. The elements and sunlight will wear down the surface of any wooden structure. Maintaining these wooden surfaces will help their longevity. Taking advantage of the last few sunny weekends to complete these tasks will prevent winter damage.


Clear brush

Accumulated dead vegetation can be a hazard and provide shelter for pests and rodents. Spend some time clearing your yard before the fall to make your leaf cleanup easier. 

Maintain entryways and gates

Grease and repair any exterior doors or gates on your property. Any exterior repairs to doorways and gates will be much easier during a warmer season.


Seal doors and windows. Caulking breaks down over time. Check any doors and windows now before you’re dealing with a cold draft in the winter months. 

Get your outdoor checklist completed now while the weather is still on your side. 

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