Garden Trends for 2021

Posted on : 04-05-2021 | By : Rohinton Gatta | In : News & Updates

Planning some work in the backyard? Here’s some of the latest trends you can implement to improve your outdoor space and garden beds. 


Implement sustainable practices in your backyard. We all need to be responsible for the choices we make for our planet. Choosing methods to reduce water use like water barrels or mulching which helps keep moisture in the ground. Utilize organic methods for fertilizing and pest control has the benefit of making your space safer for animals and small children. Planting more trees will beautify your space, add privacy and reduce C02 emissions. 


Growing Food

The majority of adult homeowners now grow some sort of food for themselves. Homegardens are a growing trend and can be an attractive feature to your space and also something beautiful. Raised beds with herbs not only look and smell wonderful but add some flare to your cooking. 



Learning & Buying Online

People are home more in our current world. That means DIY videos, home projects and finding hobbies. Improving your backyard space is not immune to this trend. Find a small project you can tackle and create something beautiful. There’s many DIY tutorials you can find on our blog to get you started. 


Reducing the lawn

Large lawns are great for kids to run around on. But once they’re older and moved out they just become extra work. Build something with that space and reduce the workload. Garden beds, hardscape patios or a seating area with permeable pea gravel. The possibilities are endless. 

A safer place to socialize

In our current world creating a safe outdoor space to socialize is an essential need. It allows you to enjoy the company of the ones you care about while safely and comfortably making responsible choices. 

Prioritizing Outdoor lighting and heating

Adding lighting and heating to your outdoor space extends the use of it longer into the evenings and into the colder fall season. Firepits and outdoor fireplaces create a space to invite friends and family to gather around.

Whatever your plans are for your outdoor space, Ferrell Builders’ Supply has the expert knowledge and supplies to help you get the job done. 


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