How to Choose the Right Bricks For Your Home

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


The exterior of your home sets an expectation for the rest of it for everyone that walks up to your home. Choosing an exterior material to finish your home with is one of the most crucial choices when building a home. Bricks remain one of  the most popular choices with one of the widest variety of styles. 

  1. If you’re doing a new build, assess the drawings and look at the flow of the design. How will large or smaller bricks affect the look of the facade.
  2. Find inspiration. Research different styles and colours brick and stone. How do they mix or compliment with each other? Build an inspiration board. Our Pinterest account is a great resource for this.
  3. Consider the look of other houses on your street. Do you want to blend in or stand out?
  4. The style and finish of a brick varies greatly. More distressed bricks add an old world style while those with fewer colour variations look more modern.
  5. Get samples and be aware that dark and light variations may shift and your final colours may not look exactly like the samples.Samples will give you the best idea of a final product.
  6. Pay attention to your pallet. Know your other exterior colours and textures. Make sure they compliment each other well.  
  1. Mortar colour can vary to look of a brick wall greatly. Do you want high or low contrast?
  1. There are four common finishes; raked, rolled, flush and weathered. A raked finish is recessed, creating deep shadows in the horizontal mortar joint, bringing out the lines of the brick work. A rolled finish also creates shadow lines, but they are subtler. A flush finish doesn’t allow for any shadows in the joint, giving the wall a flatter, more unified look. A weathered joint gives a neat, well ordered look.
  1. Consider the stack  and bond of the bricks. How they’re laid, the pattern if being blended with other stonework will change the look dramatically. Talk to your contractor about a plan for laying the bricks.
  2. Talk to experts. An expert is standing by at one of our locations ready to assist you!

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