How to choose the right Patio Pavers

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


If you’re thinking of installing a hardscape patio and you are having trouble making decisions we have some helpful hints that may help. Choosing what you’re going to lay down as your hardscape surface material will affect all other landscape decisions.

There are two main categories  all your choices will fall into. Either natural or composite pavers. Within those categories there are hundreds more options available to you. Each materials have pros or cons and we recommended you talk to an expert about the type of usage and placement to find out what material to use. 

Here are a few considerations

Consider placement and weather

Some materials such as bricks are more porous than others. They’ll wear more than others from the elements. If you’re placing your pavers in an area that gets lots of sun choose muted colours. If you’re placing the pavers where there’s lots of heavy traffic a thicker more durable material is better and will withstand the abuse.

Who’s using the space and how

Your household should also be taken under consideration. If you have children or are older, for instance, you may want to avoid smooth pavers. These will provide less grip in inclement weather  and could be a falling hazard. Also, remember that dark-coloured slabs will absorb the sun’s heat and can therefore become very hot in the summer months. Not ideal near pools or where someone may be barefoot.


Is the area you’re laying the stone easily accessible? Or will you need to cart by hand or wheelbarrow many loads? This may dissuade you immediately from choosing larger stones as the manual labour just may be too much.

Yard Size
Using oversized stones in a small space will have the effect of making your space seem smaller. Large yards can use more of a mix of stone materials and can be spaced out with crushed rock or pea gravel if the use allows it. The direction and shape of the stones will also affect the feel of your space depending on the size. 

Consider other materials

Your backyard landscape will ultimately be made up of other materials. Ground coverings, wood, iron etc. How will your stone choice look with those? Metal and concrete lend themselves to an industrial look, while wood and brick are more cozy.

Whatever your landscape plan. We have the expert advice to help. Contact us to get started today. 

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