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Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Winter is coming which means slippery roads and icy conditions. Your driveways and pathways around your home are not immune to these conditions. You’ll need to be prepared.

That’s why we supply salt and ice melters to keep you and your loved one’s safe from falls and spills throughout the winter months. The rest of the year we help beautify those areas but we understand how dangerous they can be in winter months especially for people with low mobility.

You do need to take some care as some salt and ice melters aren’t good for some surfaces and plants. Most ice melters are a combination of the same ingredients: sodium chloride, calcium chloride, or magnesium chloride. Or more commonly known as salt.

Salt and ice melters can damage plants, grasses and concrete when used too generously. They can also be harmful to the paws of animals.

So when applying Always use a gentle hand when applying any type of ice melt to concrete. Lay down a thin layer before a storm, then another light layer during the storm.

Excessive salt in the ground can harm a plant’s ability to soak up necessary nutrients. You’ll want to avoid getting too much salt into garden beds or on the lawn.

Once the ice thaws you’ll also want to shovel away any excess salt in your driveway and dispose of it.

You can also mix your salt or ice melter with an abrasive like sand to soften their effect on the environment.

A little bit of extra care can keep you safe and your landscaping. If you need help selecting the right ice melter or salt for your home or business contact one of our in-store experts.

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