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Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Oaks Landscape Products manufacture a full line of pavers, slabs, stairs and wall blocks for any outdoor hardscape project you have in mind. Whether you’re looking to revitalise your patio, rejuvenate your driveway or add a tasteful path to your garden – Oaks has the widest  selection of styles to fit your needs. 

Oaks Landscape Products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They have such high quality control standards that they warrant the original property owner if material found to be defective will be replaced without cost. With guarantees like this you know you’re only getting the highest quality product. 

The surface on their EliteFinish  products is a specially engineered layer of finely-ground, durable aggregates combined with rich colour and concentrated cement. The paver foundation uses coarser stone to ensure long term performance in application. The resulting product delivers an enhanced finish and greater structural integrity. Using Oaks Landscape products means your outdoor project will last. 

ColorBold is a proprietary process where added ingredients penetrate the surface of the pavers to become an integral part of the unit. Enhanced colour depth, extended colour life, increased resistance to stains and acidic materials. This also helps with damage from freeze and thaw in our Northern climate. 

Oaks Products are the preferred choice of design professionals because of the range of colours, sizes, thicknesses, textures and applications available across their many lines.

Stop by your local Ferrell Builders Supply and one of our associates will guide you through making the right choices for your paver  or wall design application, including product selection, colour palettes and applications. 

Learn more about the many Oaks Landscape Products we carry: https://ferrellbrick.com/brand/oaks-landscaping/

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