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Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Walkways are a beautiful and useful feature in any yard. It could be a useful addition leading to a shed or a door. It could be a winding stroll through blossoming gardens and sprouting vegetables.  Pathways are necessary to save vegetation, allow for easy accessibility, control weeds and they simply add a pleasing element to any yard. There’s many different materials to consider that will give your path a different feel and experience to the space you create.  Let’s look at some.  


Pavers are the most commonly used material that gives the most uniform surface. Durable and available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and textures – there is an option that suits the style of any home or garden. Pavers are ideal for any shaped path and are a durable surface that won’t crack over time and last for many years to come if installed correctly.


Flagstone is an excellent natural stone option with a relatively smooth surface that provides a beautiful, durable and upscale look. Flagstones are frequently irregularly shaped and must be fit together like puzzle pieces, but you can also find flagstones with straight, even sides or even cut to shape for a tight fit. Flagstone comes in different types that offer a different look and can be installed with tight joints or a more rustic natural looking joint. 

Stepping stones 

Stepping stones are a low profile easy installation. You can use flagstone or concrete pavers and simply space them in your lawn or garden at the ideal stride distance. They offer more of a rustic whimsical look to a pathway. This is a more economical solution to a full stone pathway while still providing the look of stone. 

Loose stone

Gravel paths can accommodate most budgets and can offer a clean tidy look when compacted between edging. Crushed stone or brick   is a traditional path material found in formal gardens all throughout Europe and Asia. It is quick and easy to install. An afternoon’s work and you’ll have a beautiful path around your lush backyard vegetation. 

Cedar chips

Wood chips are way more affordable and make for a more natural-looking path. A softer, rustic look that is very easy to install. Wood chip paths help keep moisture in the soil underneath and stop it from wicking as much water from the beds.

Whatever material you decide to build your pathways out of, Ferrell Builders’ Supply is here to offer expert advice to guide you along the way. 

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