Patio Paver Tips

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Looking to build that perfect summer patio? Here are some tips often overlooked when installing pavers.

Call before you dig

Call your local utilities before you dig. You don’t want to break any lines. Most products you will need to excavate 8” to 12” to create a level base.

Start from the bottom

Find out what you should do to prepare a level base for installation. Every manufacturer has a recommendation for how to best install their stones.  A level bedding layer is critical to all patio stone/slab installation.

Use an edge

Installing edging along your patio is a crucial part of the stability and longevity of your patio.

Allow for drainage

You’ll need to have a gentle pitch to drain water away from your patio or your home.

Keep the extra

Pavers are incredibly resilient and low maintenance but something may happen in the future and you may need to replace one. Keep extra concrete pavers from your project’s installation on hand to replace damaged pieces when spot treatment becomes necessary.

If you have more questions about installing pavers talk to one of our in-store experts.

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