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Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Being Canadians dealing with winter is just a reality of our lives. But their are definitely some home improvement projects you don’t want to complete during the cold winter months. Building a new deck for instance is ill advised when there’s a few feet of snow. But that doesn’t mean all projects need to stop. You may even get a discount if you’re using contractor as some have lower winter month pricing. Embarking on a full scale renovation takes a lot of consideration and planning. It’s not impossible but it may be smarter to tackle smaller projects that still have a big impact. Still, you should also take the time to check on critical parts of your home with a roofer kansas city, or based elsewhere, to make sure nothing is going awry.

Here’s a list of home renovations projects to tackle during the winter.

New countertops

Installing new countertops can completely transform a kitchen and can be the perfect winter project. It’s an ideal project as you don’t need to go in and out of the house a lot and it has been proven that upgrading your kitchen is a smart investment for resale.

New light fixtures

Winter is the darkest time of the year. The lack of natural light can do a number on our mood, our skin, and overall health. Introducing better lighting in your home will not only improve the look of a room but may improve your mood by bringing more light into your house.

The laundry room

The laundry room is an often overlooked area of the house yet is used very often day-to-day. Some much needed shelving, cabinets and other organizational additions can make all the difference in how you use this space. Also, don’t overlook the style of the space. If it’s a beautiful space you want to be in you’ll likely get more accomplished in that space.


Upgrading faucets in your house is an easy weekend fix. You may be hesitant to gut your bathroom in the cold winter months but changing a faucet can revive your drab bathroom and add a spark of life, and you can find the ones you want on sites like Anzzi fairly easily. If you want to go bigger, you may want to replace your shower or change the style of it, if you do, you’ll need to invest in good quality shower glass to make sure it stands the test of time, and use the correct sealant to keep everything intact.


Modern interior. Spacious kitchen with white brick tile wall.

Adding a backsplash can dramatically change the look of a kitchen or bathroom. Adding a splash of colour in your kitchen may be the cure you need in those drab winter months. Installing a backsplash is a relatively small job to complete and not very invasive to your day-to-day life. It’s the perfect weekend project in winter.

Safety Features

Man installing smoke or carbon monoxide detector

Often overlooked is reviewing your homes safety. Colder months are peak seasons for home fires. Replacing, upgrading and testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be a regular routine you do at the start of winter.

Attic and crawl space

Fiberglass Roof Insulation

Re-insulating your attic or crawl space is a perfect winter time job. Often these areas are too hot to work in during the summer so completing the work in winter when you won’t overheat is just smart. Not only that but it will greatly add to your comfort during the cold winter months.

Whatever you decide to do over winter your reno plans don’t have to come to a complete halt over winter. The cold and snow may make it a little more difficult to get some tasks done but there definitely still many projects you can tackle around your home.

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