Spring Checklist

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Cleaning up the yard is a task we all need to tackle every spring. You might be a little overwhelmed and not sure where to even start. Here’s a handy list to guide you through the process.

  • Clear lawn of debris (sticks and branches)
  • Rake any old leaves from garden beds and corners of the yard
  • Replace mulch once weather is warm enough
  • Tend to perennials (divide or transplant if needed) as they emerge from soil
  • Clean outdoor patio furniture and patio
  • Check grill and perform maintenance as required
  • Attach hoses to outdoor faucets and check for leaks
  • Apply fertilizer to lawn
  • Over-seed bare spots in lawn
  • Wash and re-stain and wooden features as needed (deck bench etc.)
  • Power-wash any patio stone
  • Perimeter check your house for foundation issues and caulking around the doors and windows
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Attach any rain barrels
  • Fix/seal driveway or pathways as needed
  • Wash windows
  • Plan outdoor projects for the summer

Make the most out of your yard this summer and get it ready now. Plan your big projects in advance so you can prep any outdoor spaces as needed. We’re here to help with all your landscaping plans.

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