Thinking of buying or building a Firepit?

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Firepits add a beautiful warm charm to any outdoor space. But there are some considerations before installing or purchasing that you should review.


Choose a safe location away from overhanging trees, structures and other flammable items like you house, shrubs, fence etc. Most municipalities will dictate a distance of 10 – 20 feet away. Choose a level surface clear of grass and leaf debris.


Having an open air firepit may have implications for your home insurance. Especially if there’s an accident and you aren’t covered. Talk to your insurance agent or broker prior to installing or purchasing a firepit.

Municipal Laws

Many municipalities have specific regulations surrounding open air burning. Consult your municipality prior to any investment. Some regions require permits and others only allow it for the purpose of cooking food. Check first and plan accordingly.

Fire Codes

The provincial government will issue outdoor fire restrictions during certain times. This is often due to a dry stretch of weather during warm months or fire fighting resources being stretched too thin.

Being Neighbourly

Don’t be a nuisance. If you have neighbours close to you only burn proper dry wood.  Smoke either means green wood, or the fire isn’t hot enough and just smoldering. Burning garbage, leaves and yard debris can lead to unpleasant smoke smells.

Be safe

Always have water on hand to quickly put out a fire. Never leave it unattended and be certain it’s out before you turn in for the evening.

Looking into all these factors first and being prepared will allow for the most enjoyment on a cool summer evening.

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