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Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Bring the warmth home and make those summer evenings last with an outdoor FireRock fireplace. An outdoor fireplace will enhance your backyard like nothing else. Install a new wood burning fireplace that looks better and lasts longer than the metal box alternatives.

FireRock products cost far less than traditional brick and mortar fireplaces, making them a smart investment. Their products are  precision engineered so they are fast to install and look great. Most instals are less than a day compared to 2-3 days for a traditional brick and mortar fireplace. This keeps your labour cost or DIY time investment down leaving you more time to enjoy the warmth.

Easy to use and virtually maintenance free, these traditional outdoor fireplaces can extend the precious summer season into the fall. All FireRock models come with a 20 year warranty and a 100 year life expectancy. You’re making an investment that will last and add value, and enjoyment to your home. Surveys have shown that 46% of home buyers would pay more for a home with at least one fireplace.  It’s estimated that the added value to your home could be between $1,220 and $12,000 in some locations. Something to consider when renovating, starting a new build or making an addition to your backyard. 

FireRock has a full line of traditional indoor and outdoor fireplaces in many styles and configurations. If you’re looking at adding some warmth to your space with a fireplace, we can help find the perfect FireRock model for your home. 

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