Why you need to mulch this fall

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


Laying a fresh layer of mulch in the fall may seem counterintuitive to you. We live in a cold Canadian climate and very soon all those garden beds will be covered by snow. That however is precisely why you should mulch. Our winters are harsh and cold and the roots of your plants need protection. 

Mulch breaks down overtime from exposure to the elements; a fresh layer will  insulate the soil and help roots survive cold winters. This is especially crucial if you happen to have bulbs or plants sensitive to colder climates. 

Another advantage of adding mulch in a cooler season is it’s much easier. Working in the late spring or summer can be extremely hot. You also have to contend with flowering gardens and sprouting perennials in the warmer months. In fall you can or likely already have cut back much of your garden. This gives you more room to work and to rake the mulch in more easily.

Preventing your mulch from breaking down and damaging the roots of your plants is a crucial step to a healthy, lush  garden bed spring and summer. Stop by your local Ferrell Builders’ supply to stock up on mulch and all your other building supply needs.  

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