Your Spring Checklist

Rohinton Gatta

Rohinton Gatta


That time of year has come again. The blanket of snow is leaving our landscape and we’re left with a muddy mess to turn into an inviting outdoor space for summer. Where to begin?

Debris and waste

Start with a general tidy of your lawn and gardens. Garbage may have blown in throughout the winter that’s just being uncovered now. There are likely some leaves that fell late in the season and branches may have fallen from trees to wind and snow. There may also be some other hidden waste uncovered if you have pets. Getting this taken care of is your number one priority. You can asses what you’re working with once all the debris is gone.

Assess damage and ware

Canadian winter can be harsh. Walk your property and inspect windows, doors, fences, gates, gutters and downspouts. Check pathways, patios and driveways for uneven spots and address problem areas as required. This could simply be caulking or replacing screws to more serious fixes.  However, leaving these issues unaddressed will lead to bigger problems down the road. 

Prune and trim

Identify any trees shrubs where branches have been damaged by cold, snow, and wind over the winter. Prune them back to live stems. Prune flowering perennials down to 4 or 5 inches and ornamental grasses to 2–3 inches to allow for new growth. Once soil has thawed, dig up perennials, such as daylilies or hostas, to thin out crowded beds.

Inspect Wood

Inspect wood fencing, decks, trim and garden boxes. Inspect for rot and damage and replace any damaged boards. Stain wood as needed to preserve the longevity of your wood features.

Lawn Care

Rake out the dead grass from your lawn. You’ll want to remove any dead patches of grass damaged from snow removal or salt. Add new earth and seed. Keep the area moist as grass sprouts. Right after clean up is also the perfect time for your first dose of fertiliser and crabgrass treatment.

Stone patio and paths 

Refill joints between flagstones by sweeping in new sand or stone dust. Use water with a hose to set it, then repeat. If winter  has heaved pavers out of place, remove them and re-level the base material as needed before setting pavers back in place.

Make plans 

Start planning now for your ideal summer backyard. Stop in at one of our many locations for expert advice from one of our associates. From ground cover to pavers to outdoor fireplaces, we’re here to help.

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